There’s a Reason it rhymes with ‘WIN’

Twin is a clear-cut casino created for those who love casino games and good online entertainment

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A Story About Our Team

Some call us newbies at Twin, but we prefer the term ‘Dark Horse’. Back in 2017, when we first set up, not even we could have predicted how well things would work out. For what it’s worth, it’s been a steep climb to the top and we’re still growing! It hasn’t all been plain sailing but our Twinners have definitely had a ball getting there.

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Our Perks

Health Insurance

Your health is important to us. Apart from a Company Doctor covered by us, you will also be enrolled on a Comprehensive Health Insurance policy.

Flexible Hours

We are results driven and whilst we like to have our team in the office we let you decide what start time works for you! We have some core hours that we would like you to be present but otherwise run your own schedule together with your team!

Wellness Benefits

Your wellbeing is at heart so whether you are into fitness or dance or anything that keeps your balance in check we will cover it for you! Get moving with what makes you happy and we will support it!

Referral System

We know that our Twinners have a keen eye on finding potential ones. Let us know about them and we shall reward you back!

Free Food

Food glorious food! It’s important for brain power and here at Twin we have a fully stocked kitchen making sure your breakfast, lunch and snacks are covered; whether you are into healthy or want a sugar rush we got it all here!


Ryan James Hatfield

Even though i had a lot of experience in my field when i joined Twin more than 3 years ago I was definitely still a newbie when it came to the iGaming industry. I wanted to learn and Twin provided me one of the best platforms for doing so, they allowed me the freedom to try out ideas and pursue my own projects within the company that added value and always had support ready for when the workload became too much for one person to handle.

Since then our SEO department within Twin has grown from just myself and the Head of SEO to a team of 9 people, 6 of which I am directly responsible for and I could not have asked for anything better. My skills and knowledge have quadrupled and now i don't only look at things from an SEO and Analytically minded point of view, but also a professional and personal one as well. I have really enjoyed my time working at Twin and i would recommend it to anyone reading this as well. No matter what level of experience you have, if you have the personal drive and motivation to learn something new Twin will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Stefanos Tsatikis

Twin gave me the great opportunity for a career change. Although that I am not in the company for long time, I am suprised with the great team spirit and the mentality this team has. I feel that I belong to a team that is forward thinking and has a lot of space for personal and professional development.

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