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Valentines Day & Carnival Celebrations

Today we had a bit of a treat for our Twinners ! This weekend would have been Carnival weekend around Malta and Gozo. Carnival on the island is synonymous with colourful floats, extravagant costumes alongside a lot of music and dancing. Hence why, one can say it is probably one of the biggest weekends for […]

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Pink October

October is a month dedicated to raise awareness of breast cancer and encourage females to get screened. Various organizations team up and build various informative campaigns to educate the public and encourage women not to fear such screenings. Screenings help to increase prevention and detection of early onset cancer. With increased awareness, a number of […]

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TWIN 3rd year anniversary

So we had plans, we had big plans for red carpet celebration for all our Twinners to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.  However, summer of 2020 had other ideas and we had to take a detour on our celebrations. After a few brainstorming sessions the HR team had come up with something else to mark Twin’s […]

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