Valentines Day & Carnival Celebrations

Today we had a bit of a treat for our Twinners ! This weekend would have been Carnival weekend around Malta and Gozo. Carnival on the island is synonymous with colourful floats, extravagant costumes alongside a lot of music and dancing. Hence why, one can say it is probably one of the biggest weekends for our little islands However unfortunately due to Covid, like many things, this had to be cancelled. Even though we are unable celebrate as usual, we have gave out the traditional Prinjolata to our employees at the office. “Prinjolata” is a traditional Maltese sweet which is made only around carnival time in Malta. This dessert is made from plain madeira cake, candied fruit, nuts and frosting … Delicious right?! 🙂

This year, Valentine’s day has also fallen on the same weekend and regardless of the relationship status, we thought about showing some love to our TWINNERS. Therefore, we also brought in some delightful chocolate brownies and mini heart shaped Belgian chocolates for those with a sweet-tooth.    

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